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Items on this page link our members and guests to

various subjects we hope will be of interest.


Parliamo Italiano!

Italian Language Learning Resources


Here are some online language learning resources that our Dante Instructors use for their classes: 

We hope these links are helpful as you learn “la bella lingua”-

And if you have or know of other language learning resources you'd like to share, please send them to us and we will try to add them to the list.

We have selected three sites that provide an effective support for those learning Italian (the three sites listed are certified for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology):


Its explanations, schemes, and examples are effective and clear.  It is recommended as a grammar reference site.

Recommended (and secure) sites for studying Italian Verbs are:

On the opening page you will find the box to write the verb you are interested in.  Below the box is a selection of widely used Italian verbs.

Presents verbs in multiple languages

Italian Newspapers

Main Italian newspaper 

Corriere della Sera

News, politics, economics and sports with photos, images and videos. Weather, Health, Travel Guides, Music and Online Games.


Il Sole 24 Ore

Economic news, Italian and foreign news, stock exchange quotes in real time and finance, regulations and taxes, funds and bonds, mortgages, loans and jobs.


La Repubblica

Newspaper updated 24 hours a day on politics, news, economics, sports, foreign affairs, shows, music, culture, science, technology

La Stampa

Newspaper with constantly updated news and videos on politics, economics, sports, shows, technology, engines, travel, health and foreign countries.

Radio Rai

Listen 12 channels radio and audiobooks


Holidays and Festivals Celebrated in Italy


Here is a list of the Italian national holidays plus feast days for some of the major Italian cities

and a representative sample of festivals.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball – An Italian pastime


The popularity of Bocce in America has been on the rise since it swept California in 1989. There are more than 25,000,000 Bocce enthusiasts that have heard of the sport, play recreationally, or play on structured courts in the United States today. Learn more about the history of this Italian pastime and how to play bocce, then come join Dante Santa Cruz at one of our bocce activities.

Sister City

Santa Cruz Sister City – Sestri Levante


Did you know that Santa Cruz has a sister city in Italy?

click here to learn more
















For more information on Sestri Levante, check out: 


For more information on the Santa Cruz Sister Cities program, check out:

Cinema Italy.jpg

For Our Dante Film Fans

Since we can’t get together for our Dante Film Series right now due to the current pandemic, we asked Mary Altier, our Dante Film Series Curator for over a decade, to give us a list of Italian films that folks can watch at home on their own streaming services.


Here are eight of Mary's personal recommendations : 

(Titles in English because that is how you will find them; original Italian titles provided.) 


Found on Amazon Prime:

  • *Mid-August Lunch (Pranzo di ferragosto), 2008, Dir. Gianni Di Gregorio

  • *The Medicine Seller (Il venditore di medicine), 2013, Dir. Antonio Morabito

  • *A Five Star Life (Viaggio sola), 2013, Dir. Maria Sole Tognazzi

  • *Caro Diario (Caro diario), 1993, Dir. Nanni Moretti

  • *Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono Li), 2011, Dir. Andrea Segre

  •  Hamam: the Turkish Bath (Hamam), 1997, Dir. Ferzan Ozpete

( *Films screened previously as part of Dante’s Italian Film series at Cabrillo College.)


Found on Netflix:

  • Welcome Mr. President (Benvenuto Presidente!), 2013, Dir. Riccardo Milani

  • Happy as Lazzaro (Lazzaro felice), 2018, Dir. Alice Rohrwacher

1.    The Dante Alighieri Society is not promoting any particular streaming services. 
2.    These films are not rated and may not be appropriate for children

Italian Cinema
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